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SkipTo Script


The SkipTo script is a replacement for the old school “Skip to Main” link. When the pages of a website load the script, it creates a menu button with a drop-down menu that contains links to important landmarks and headings on the current page.

Once installed and configured, the menu makes it easier for keyboard, voice recognition and screen reader users to quickly jump to the desired location by simply choosing it from the list of menu items.

Benefits of SkipTo

  • All users can get an outline of the major content areas on the page.
  • Screen reader users can get a higher level navigation menu without having to use the screen reader landmark and header navigation commands, which typically include longer lists of lower level headings and less-used landmarks.
  • Keyboard-only users can more efficiently navigate to content on a page.
  • Speech recognition users can use the menu to more efficiently navigate to content on a page.


Installing the SkipTo script can be as simple as linking to a content delivery network (CDN), which always provides the most up-to-date version.

When configuration options other than the default values are desired, each page that loads the script will need an additional bit of JavaScript that specifies those options.

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